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About Us


We bridge the gap between possibility and reality.


Rapid Funding LLC is a direct source of capital that provides quick and meaningful solutions for a vast array of circumstances. We specialize in investing/lending, catering to brokers and individuals involved in opportunities that require additional capital.

At Rapid Funding, we're proud of our ability to create intricate debt and equity structures to finance even the most complex mergers and acquisitions. Our creative financing solutions were developed exclusively for those seeking alternatives to traditional bank loans. Unlike other asset-based lenders, we look at the end results, not the beginning.

Take a look at our our creative financing solutions for loan programs and investment criteria. If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us. Rapid Funding, based in Denver, Colorado, offers creative financial assistance nationwide.


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Successful Fundings

Here are a few examples of the types of loans that we've closed. Please contact us with the specifics of your financing needs.

Property Type


· 1st Mtg Cross-Collaterialized with residence vacant land and marketable securities in NY$13,650,000

· 1st Mtg high-rise condo. Wisconsin$12,600,000

· 1st Mtg aquisition 55% loan-to-value vacant land. Aurora, CO$4,500,000

· 1st Mtg non-owner occupied SFR. Rancho Santa Fe, CA$2,200,000

· Land development for residential property done as a 2nd mortgage at 100% loan-to-value. Valuation based on pre-plat approval valuations.$700,000

· Small independent car lot on major thoroughfare in major city leased to car dealership.$225,000

· 1st mortgage on vacant land for 2nd home in a PA mountain resort area.$1,800,000

· 1st mortgage on vacant land zoned for an office building on a major thoroughfare in a major city.$210,000

· 1st mortgage on vacant land in established business park on major thoroughfare in small city in the Midwest.$500,000

· 1st mortgage on a residence inherited by family from a deceased relative. The property required fix-up for sale.$350,000

· 2nd mortgage on single-family home in middle of construction. Complications arose with the first lender.$250,000

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